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Document Creation

Need a PowerPoint presentation that's gonna knock it out of the park? Tired corporate documents in need of a recharge? Whether it's a brand new creation or a reworking of existing documents let us work or creative magic.

Diary Management

20 years of managing busy diaries at executive level means I know how to ensure you get the most from your days. I can help you secure an appointment with even the most hard to reach of people.

Administration Services

All the stuff you don't like to do, don't want to do and don't know how to do. From chasing your website hosts about the terrible service they're providing to writing copy for a new web page. Tell me where it hurts and I can help.


Event Assistance

I can source your venue, invite and inform your guests, and provide onsite support on the day. Forgot a pen? I'll have one. Need some Post-It Notes? I'll have those too!

Lifestyle Support

I can sort your online shopping whether it be the weekly shop or a gift for someone special. And hands up who doesn't have time for decorating the Christmas Tree? I can help with that too!

Free coffee

If you're looking for some support but don't know where to start then let's begin with a coffee and a chat. The first one's on me!

home office administration virtual assistant
Years Experience
Award Nomination
Post It Pads
Cups of Coffee

I've worked with some amazing people! here's what they had to say...

Having Helen as my Virtual Assistant was a huge benefit, not only for me personally, but also for my business. Helen is full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. If she’s not done something before, she’ll always be prepared to find a way! She’s driven, proactive and often thinks to do things before she’s even asked.

She’s great with clients as her personality and warmth shines through. She’s super-efficient and uses her skill set to help ensure that everything runs smoothly from diary management to sorting the design and printing of training materials. A banisher of boring power-point slides she surely is. I’ve had many comments from clients on how great the slides were that Helen had produced for me.

Business life without Helen as my VA is just unimaginable. Helen has a  flexible approach to the hours and levels of support you may need, adapting as required, so it’s also a manageable financial investment for smaller businesses. Everyone needs a Helen, so don’t delay, sign her up and get her on board with your business today!

Tracy Giles
Managing Director

I came to know Helen via Dudley Soup which is a community crowdfunding project. Helen, like me is very much from the Private Sector and, like me, feels a sense of responsibility to give something back. It's fair to say that the hugely successful "Soup" event in Sept 16 wouldn't have happened without Helen. Why? Well she built an amazing web site, ran the Social Media campaign, organised the whole committee and was such a driving force of efficiency and organisation that everything happened when it should the event and ran like clockwork. All of this whilst she was going through a career change and developing a new strategy for herself. Helen is one of the most capable people I have ever met and having seen her in action in several guises I have no hesitation in saying that if I needed a PA I would employ Helen in a heartbeat.

Andy Mullaney
Retired Banker, Experienced Relationship Manager, Senior Manager, Coach and Mentor

Helen is an extremely talented, organised, professional and determined individual who offers out of this world support; nothing is ever too much trouble for her.   Helen's presentation skills and creativity are world class and have inspired me to reach new levels in my own work. Her planning and organisational skills are second to none.

Working with Helen was most enjoyable, we had excellent communication, trusted each other explicitly and always got the job done. 

Sukhi Anand
Executive PA

Helen has a great, infectious, positive attitude and is a real pleasure to work with. Helen's commercial acumen, attention to detail and common sense (as well as sense of humor) means she is very well equipped for whatever is thrown at her. A real pleasure to work with!

Richard Johnston
Sales Manager - Birch Print

You’re not just a pretty face. X
Give this woman a vision and she will transfer it to PowerPoint. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Farah Khan
Opening Boundaries

Do you want to...

About Me

Excellent Virtual Assistant with 20 years of executive level experience, lover of Keynote, organising and Dymo labels. 

I started my career in the back office of a solicitors where I made it my mission to sort out their seriously dysfunctional filing system. It was a job almost drove me insane but I’ve been organising ever since, from business trips around the world, to clients home offices.

I love working with heart centred businesses, and as a typical Capricorn (practical, dedicated, responsible) I can help bring focus and organisation to where you need it the most, whether that’s putting together a social media plan, updating your business documents, creating a newsletter or just logging your monthly expenses. Basically if it’s something you don’t particularly want to do, I can probably help.

When I’m not making my lovely clients lives easier, you’ll find me parenting the shizzle out of life with my daughter, printing Dymo labels for my husbands garage shelves (who doesn’t love a sticky label?), attempting to perfect my crow pose in yoga, and on VERY rare occasions snowboarding.

Helen Grice Prosecco Virtual Assistant


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