Let Go – How I’m Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

How are you doing today?

It’s day 14 of self-isolation for us and apart from a slightly concerning increase in wine consumption, I think we’re all starting to find a bit of balance, and things don’t feel quite as difficult as they did in those first few WTF! Days.

As someone who regularly spends 6+ hours a day hermitting away in my home office, nothing has changed for me in terms of working location, however my desk space is probably the only thing in my life that hasn’t changed.

Learning to work whilst my energetic 6 year old bound around, trying to keep her entertained whilst the Hubs spends most of his day on conference calls to people around the world, has been a sharp learning curve. I’ve had to learn to let go, and for someone who likes to feel a sense of control and order (Hello Capricorn!) it’s been a challenge!

Here’s some of the things I’ve let go of after two weeks of experimenting with this new way of life:-

🕊 Trying to stick to a timetable was a ridiculous notion. The only thing that’s been a constant in our life is Joe wicks at 9am. Instead I try and block my work to a few hours after our family workout and then a few hours after lunch. Then sometimes that goes out the window as I need to be reactive for clients who are in the middle of taking their offering online and need urgent support.

🕊 One of my tips for productivity is to limit your social media time, however since being in isolation, I’ve INCREASED my time across the board on all the social apps. Connecting with old friends, school mom friends, and business owner friends has been invaluable for advice, support and a bloody good laugh when things got a bit overwhelming.

🕊 Home schooling has been abandoned. My Facebook feed and my School Whatsapp group is being constantly flooded with so many excellent ideas but it was sending my brain into meltdown, so I’ve decided I’m not even going to attempt any kind of learning with Sienna until after Easter. If I spot anything I think Sienna might be interested in I drop it on my Trello board and I’m going to take some time at Easter to design a rough plan (VERY rough – see point 1)

🕊 I spent the first week of our isolation feeling like the shittiest Mom because of the amount of time Sienna was sat in front of the iPad or the TV. Then I realised that in order for us to get through this, for me to continue supporting my clients through some of the toughest shifts they needed to make, screen time really didn’t matter. We are still running around the house and garden like loons when I’m not working and we’re still doing plenty of creative play without screens. Guilt BEGONE!

What does your life look like now we’re a week into ‘nesting’ (I refuse to use the L word as it’s just so negative)?

What things have you had to let go of in order to stay sane?