Marketing for Introverts

If the thought of putting yourself out there makes you feel like dying inside, you’re not alone my friend. As a fellow introvert, there’s something particularly terrifying about singing your own praises, and whenever you’re asked about your business, you’d rather be forced to listen to Stock, Aitken and Watermans’ back catalogue than to tell people how awesome you are.  


As much as I’m working on being better at shouting about what I do (look at me writing a blog post and putting things out into the world for a start!), there are ways around this feeling of cringey-ness so if you squirm at the thought of bigging yourself up, I’ve got some great tips on how to marketing yourself without…marketing yourself!

Shy Girl Marketing Introvert

Just do the work!

If you create, make more. If you support, help more. Putting your work out there speaks for itself and the universe is listening. Being abundant creates abundance and the more your share, the more people will hear about the great stuff you’re doing.

Help People.

This links to the abundance theory again. Be known for being generous and the people you help will become advocates for your brand.

Respond to everyone who contacts you.

Even if you know they’re not your ideal client or you’re not taking on any more clients at the time, take the time to find out what they need and direct them to someone who might be able to help.  Whilst they may become someone else’s client, they’ll remember you for helping them solve their problem.

Share the stuff you learn.

That thing that you learned today? Tell your network! If you didn’t know it then chances are they don’t either. 

Teach the stuff you know.

Your knowledge becomes infinitely more valuable when you share it.  Teaching helps people to understand what you do, and in turn it helps you to gain more confidence to talk more about your offering.

What other tips do you have for getting your message out there without having to get on Facebook Live? *shudder*