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Earlier in 2016 I joined a networking group called Stilettos, run by the unstoppable Sheryl Miller.  It became so much more than networking, and evolved into a journey of personal development and confidence building.  I met women there who I am still in touch with today and who know I can always call upon if I’m having a shaky confidence moment.

I haven’t attended an event for a while due to the business really taking off, so imagine my surprise when the latest Stilettos newsletter dropped into my inbox yesterday and I see my chops on there!

I don’t need a Christmas present this year as this acknowledgement is more than enough reward for me.  It’s more confirmation that I’m on the right track, and those creepy little thoughts of self-doubt can just go and do one!  

When you work for yourself, sometimes you just need a little reminder that you are doing OK, and this email was a great boost to finish my first year in business on a high!

Here’s to 2017 and being even more awesome!