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Monday Motivation

If you’re in need of a little Monday Motivation today, then give these TED talks from 9 influential women at the top of their game a try [collated by Entrepreneur]. I’d love to know which one resonates with you and why.

For me, the Emilie Wapnick talk was a game-changer when I first listened to her. It made me realise that having an interest in lots of stuff but not really finding that one true purpose WASN’T A BAD THING! Being conditioned from childhood that you should choose a career and stick with it kinda messed my head up. I spent a long time feeling like I was a disappointment to my parents as I didn’t want to go to Uni and I wasn’t interested in a big-shot career. 

But, at the grand age of 38, after listening to Emilie, I realised that THIS WAS OK, and it crystallised my decision to become self employed. It also explained to me why I could never choose to be either a Grebo or a Raver when I was 14. Now I understand that it was OK to be an Indie Kid and be into Ned’s Atomic Dustbin AND it was also OK to ‘reach for the lasers’ listening to Sasha